Non-Intrusive UXO Survey

MACC International provide a multitude of non-intrusive UXO survey options to meet your project needs.

Recommended for use on greenfield sites where UXO clearance is required to a depth not exceeding 4 metres.

Magnetometer and electromagnetic survey arrays are available in various pedestrian and towed configurations to suit the encountered terrain. MACC’s Survey department are on hand to ensure that the pros and cons of each system are considered and that suitable UXO mitigation methodology is implemented to meet the project needs.

Our Non-Intrusive UXO surveys are carried out by specialist teams of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Engineers who have a wealth of UXO survey and clearance experience. Our teams have the ability to carry out onsite initial analysis of the data ensuring that all areas have received sufficient coverage and that the data is of the highest possible quality.

MACC Surveys are not limited to the detection of UXO, they have also been used to identify subsurface structures, pipelines, sheet piles and buried fuel tanks.

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