Intrusive UXO Testing & Certification

This system is commonly used to test the pile positions for UXO prior to piling using a hydraulic ram to push a magnetometer probe into the ground.

Subject to the density of the site geology encountered, clearance is provided to the site-specific maximum assessed bomb penetration depth.

Utilising a magnetometer probe, which is pushed into the ground by the test rig mounted hydraulic ram system, a real time look – ahead technology is employed to scan for buried anomalies which may be buried unexploded ordnance items.

The system has an accurate detection radius of one and a half metres and can measure the size and orientation of buried ferro – magnetic anomalies.

For construction pile testing, individual or clusters of piles can be cleared provided that they fall within the detection radius of the magnetometer probe.

The output for an Intrusive UXO Survey is typically 16 -20 tests per rig day.

Whole site footprint clearance testing using an overlapping matrix pattern of deployment is also an available option if needed.

On completion of testing, a full report and clearance certification is provided.

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